Marjorie Hernandez

Co-founder, Lukso Blockchain

Marjorie Hernadez is a Caracas-born architect, strategist, and innovation expert. Her career oscillated within developing ideas and concepts for globally-renowned artists, creative agencies, and one of the Big Four. Before founding LUKSO - an Ethereum Based Blockchain for the Design and Fashion Industry; Hernadez established and managed EY’s Digital Innovation Lab in Berlin. As the Digital Transformation and Strategy Executive, Hernandez collaborated closely with Ethereum and the IOTA Foundation. To converge and nurture the emerging digital fashion ecosystem Hernadez co-founded The Dematerialised, powered by LUKSO experimental marketspace for fashion NFTs.

Throughout her work, Marjorie Hernadez explored ideas and advantages coming from the junction of design and technology. With her form- and innovation-driven reasoning, Marjorie became a transformational leader in the tech-fashion environment. As a co-founder and managing director of LUKSO, Marjorie Hernadez is a strong female voice disrupting blockchain and creating new use cases across creative economies.


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