Fadi Chehimi

Europe Lead of Extended Reality (XR) Capability and Consumer Experience, Accenture

The internet as we know it will be rebuilt with the third dimension as a core pillar. We will inhabit more spatial experiences than we ever imagined!

Fadi is the XR Capability and XR for Consumer Lead in Europe at Accenture. He focuses on solving "real" business and human problems using XR. For that Fadi wears two hats: a Human-Centric Design hat to create differentiating experiences that people would "want and love" to engage with, and a Tech Architect hat to deliver that value using the most optimal technical solutions and modern methodologies.

Fadi is advocating a new design mindset for XR, 3D web and the Metaverse that moves away from “users” to think of them more as participants in spatial experiences. He has introduced the concepts of Spatial Experience (SX), Participant Experience (PX) and Perception Design, and he is developing the framework to help designers create truly compelling experiences for virtual and augmented worlds.


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