Immersive Experience

Day 2
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Kadine James & Ivan Svanberg

Immersive Kind

Future Fashion Consumption


Lauren Dyer

Director or Strategic Partnerships, Dimension Studio

2022: A Fashion Odyssey - Navigating A New Era in Digital Fashion

We’re at the dawn of a new era for digital fashion. The rise of virtual humans and the Metaverse will enable radical creativity for brands to tell stories and connect with audiences in exciting new ways, pushing the boundaries of at-home and IRL experiences.


Orlando Ribas Fernandes

Founder and CEO, XNFY Lab; Co-Founder and CEO, Fashable

Deep tech for the Fashion industry

The Fashable team, developed AI Generated Fashion an IP technology to provide factories, designers, brands, influencers or marketplaces a powerful AI technology that learns from multiple sources and generates high-definition fashion images that can pass for real.

We are revolutionizing digital content creation, and building a powerful visual technology to solve real problems and have a positive impact in the fashion industry, with application in different use cases.


Begüm Doğan

Marketing Director of MeKiwi & VR Game Publishing Studio VRKiwi

Fashion and Gaming Industry: What is Metaverse for Fashion and Game Industries?

How can fashion brands utilize the gaming industry’s knowledge and tech for better marketing? How do the future decision makers see and experience fashion differently?

Begüm Doğan will have an exciting keynote about how game makers are shaping the future of fashion & consumer relationship.


Delz Erinle

CEO & Metaverse Design Lead, Astra

Fashion Gaming & The Metaverse

Delz and his team at Thrill, started building for the metaverse last year after receiving a megagrant from Epic Games. In this talk, He will explain the vision for Astra, the challenge to gamify the virtual shopping experience, the importance of personalised avatars and the concept of fashion gaming as a key way to onboard women into the metaverse.


Antonio Squeo

Chief Innovation Officer, Hevolus

Rethinking the customer journey to innovate fashion retail through a phygital approach


Eddy Adams

Filter creator and 3D Motion artist

Tips for Designing Successful Instagram Filters


Fadi Chehimi

Europe Lead of Extended Reality (XR) Capability and Consumer Experience, Accenture

Spatial Design Tricks for the Exthereal VR Pavilion


Daria Shapovalova, Natalia Modenova, Olga Chernysheva

Founders and CSO, DRESSX

Digital Fashion disrupting the fashion industry


Fireside chat about VR showroom. Stay tuned!


Virtual Showroom Launch


Marja Konttinen, Jade How

Lockwood Publishing Ltd

How to engage millions of users with fashion and entertainment: Learnings from the original mobile metaverse, Avakin Life


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