The Future of Fashion

Day 1
Timezone: GMT +2 / UTC +2 EET Helsinki


Opening Words


Accenture & H&M Foundation

The Billion Dollar Collection – reinventing the fashion industry

The Billion Dollar Collection is a virtual CGI fashion collection by H&M Foundation in collaboration with Accenture, showcasing ten groundbreaking innovations that could disrupt the fashion industry. Now is the time to re-invent fashion!

Josefine Olsson, Europe Future Tech Lead, Accenture

Sara Rahiminejad, Tech Strategist, Accenture


Linda Pimmeshofer

Industry Advisor, Microsoft

Digital Fashion in the age of experience have went through many phases but where does virtual fashion make sense? And what can we do with technology today?


Kian Saemian

VP Future Technologies Mackevision (Part of Accenture Interactive)

Future Trends in the Fashion Industry


Maria Mazzone, Mauro Toffoli, Morteza Shahini


Gaming in Fashion


Marjorie Hernandez

Co-Founder, LUKSO Blockchain

NFT 2.0



Auroboros Digital Fashion: Beyond the screen

Immerse yourself in digital designs through augmented reality in your immediate surroundings and share across the virtual world


Alan Smithson

Co-Founder, MetaVRse

Building the Metaverse using a powerful web-based, code-optional 3D game engine, MetaVRse


Matthew Drinkwater

Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London

Real-time digital fashion: The technologies leading us to an interactive and immersive future


Kerry Murphy

Founder, The Fabricant

Keynote from world’s first digital fashion house


Panel Discussion on the Future of Fashion and Retail

Hosted by Ben Hanson, editor in chief of the Interline Magazine

Jill Standish, Global Retail Lead, Accenture 

Linda Pimmeshofer, Industry Advisor, Microsoft 

Daria Shapovalova & Natalia Modenova, Founders, DressX 

Erkut Ekinci, Head of IT, HUGO BOSS Textile Industries

Raffaella Camera, Head of Brands & Advertisers Solutions, Epic Games Unreal Engine


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