is an online conference about digital fashion and Extended Reality. It creates an ecosystem around the most exciting dimension on the future of fashion by bringing together pioneers of digital couture, prominent visionaries of the metaverse, technical experts and fashion brands. 

It is an intersection of Tech, Digital Fashion, Retail & Gaming for greater cross-innovation.

Our mission

  • Introduce you to the magical fashion metaverse and inspire you 

  • Provide a snapshot of the current state of digital fashion and showcase projects 

  • Connect and facilitate networking 

  • Offer a vision on trends and future scenarios 

  • Engage in discussion on sustainability by illustrating how digital fashion can positively disrupt fashion and retail industry

Meet the Team


Olesja Hännikäinen

Conference Host, (Innovation Service Designer at Accenture)


Krista Jäntti

CEO, Exthereal; Founder, EventuallyXR www.linkedin.com/in/kristajantti

Teemu Ollilainen

Managing Director & Founder,  Spatial8


Joh Orengo

CEO & Founder, Spatial8



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Event is Free